Foundation Doctor’s Guide to North Central and East Thames

North Central and East Thames Foundation School was formed in 2018 from the merger of North Central Thames and North East Thames. It covers inner-city boroughs and stretches north to Barnet and east to Romford — all within the limits of the M25. The large teaching hospitals are the Royal Free Hospital (specialist hepatology, renal and haematology), University College London Hospital, The Royal London Hospital (a major trauma centre) and St Bartholomew’s Hospital (specialist cancer services).

Messly wants to help doctors make evidence-based decisions about their careers. We’ve put together a short guide to the North Central and East Thames Foundation School to help you rank your rotation programmes. Below is a snapshot of hospital ratings and reviews from the Messly community of doctors together with information about the geography of the region. Sign up to Messly to learn more – we’ve got over 40,000 junior doctor ratings for you to explore.




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A Doctor’s View

“I chose this deanery because I wanted to live in London for both years and enjoy all the cosmopolitan benefits it has to offer. Most programmes give you a year in a smaller, peripheral DGH and one year in a large teaching hospital. I did my FY1 year at North Middlesex hospital in Tottenham which I really enjoyed – it was a friendly place to work, with generally good support from seniors and a mix of both general and interesting cases, due to the diverse patient demographics of the local area. Socially, we were fairly close-knit – which isn’t always a given doing your FY1 year in London, due to the disparate nature of where everyone is living.

The Royal Free is much larger, has a long list of subspecialties and a lot of ongoing cutting-edge research.. From my experience, everyone works pretty hard, but there is good clinical supervision and lots of opportunities to get involved in audits/projects etc.

London’s public transport is good enough that you could commute to most hospitals from a single base – good for if you don’t want to move home halfway through the programme. I based myself in Hackney which is a really fun place to live, and has good transport links to most of the hospitals.”

Emily Taylor, Foundation Year 2 at Royal Free Hospital


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Quick Reviews

  • Highly varied role. Excellent support from seniors. Got to learn from a number of consultants.
  • Rota can be a bit confusing to start with. Not 100% clear all of the time.
Top tips

Start an audit early. Make the most of take shifts.

Foundation Year 2, Acute Internal Medicine – The Royal London Hospital


  • Friendly supportive team. You get to see a wide variety of patients. Every Wednesday afternoon there is teaching at the Newham Centre for Mental Health which you can attend, and monthly trust-wide teaching. Workload is very manageable.
  • There is a lot of admin involved in this job – lots of scribing, typing and form filling. However if you are interested in psychiatry then take the initiative to lead the assessment for patients, although you will still need to take someone with you as an FY1. Often you may feel like you do not have much independence in comparison with the usual medical and surgical jobs.
Top tips

Take the opportunity to get involved in teaching, audit/QI, case presentations etc to boost your CV. Use your medical knowledge to your advantage – you are often the most medically qualified person in the room as your consultants may have forgotten a lot of the medicine they learnt, and so your contributions are much appreciated by the team!

Foundation Year 1, Liaison Psychiatry – Newham General Hospital



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