Foundation Doctor’s Guide to North Yorkshire and East Coast

North Yorkshire & East Coast foundation school covers the inland towns of York & Scunthorpe and the sea-side towns of Scarborough, Hull & Grimsby. Hull Royal Infirmary is the main tertiary hospital in the region specialising in cardiothoracics and neurosurgery, alongside York Hospital which also specialises in cardiothoracic surgery. Scunthorpe is a commutable distance from Sheffield & Leeds, and York is commutable from Leeds. Hull has recently been the UK City of Culture, with a large investment into culture and arts, including the Freedom Festival.

Yorkshire & Humber, one of the larger foundation schools, has 3 regions, North Yorkshire & East Coast, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire. Once accepted into the Yorkshire & Humber Foundation School, you have to then rank your regions in order of preference. Then you’re allocated your region (e.g. North Yorkshire and East Coast) for the 2 years for which you have to decide on your rotations

Messly wants to help doctors make evidence-based decisions about their careers. We’ve put together a short guide to the Yorkshire and the Humber Foundation School to help you rank your rotation programmes. Below is a snapshot of hospital ratings and reviews from the Messly community of doctors together with information about the geography of the region. Sign up to Messly to learn more – we’ve got over 40,000 junior doctor ratings for you to explore.




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Quick Reviews

  • Good workload.
  • Not enough clerking opportunities.
Top tips

Be familiar with Section 5 of the Mental Health Act.

Foundation Year 1, General Psychiatry – Hull Royal Infirmary


  • Very well supervised and supported, as an F1 they let you have plenty of responsibility, but support you to learn blood taking, paeds cannulas etc. Only thing you do that the SHOs don’t is attend deliveries, but you can if you have the time and interest!
  • The shift pattern is a little hard, with almost alternate weeks been 1-11 ish PM, and can have long stretches on the postnatal ward doing baby checks, which is repetitive. Can be very busy over winter!
Top tips

Don’t panic, ask for help. Get on the midwives’ good sides (simply asking for their opinion a couple of times helps), same for the nursing staff.

Foundation Year 1, Paediatrics – York Hospital


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