Foundation Doctor’s Guide to South Yorkshire

The region of South Yorkshire encompasses Sheffield and its surrounding towns, including Barnsley, Doncaster & Worksop, all within commutable distance to Sheffield. Sheffield in itself is a lively city with a great mix of bars & restaurants, including 3 football teams. It is also located right next to the Peak District national park, with gorgeous hikes & climbs in its peaks, including its famous high point, Kinder Scout. Most doctors base themselves in Sheffield for the two years and if based at one of the peripheral DGHs, commute out by car. The main teaching hospital here is the Northern General Hospital (a major trauma centre) – another plus is that it has an active doctors’ Mess, with regular socials.

Yorkshire & Humber, one of the larger Foundation Schools, has 3 regions, North Yorkshire & East Coast, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire. Once accepted into the Yorkshire & Humber Foundation School, you have to then rank your regions in order of preference. Then you’re allocated your region (e.g. South Yorkshire) for the 2 years for which you have to decide on your rotations.

Messly wants to help doctors make evidence-based decisions about their careers. We’ve put together a short guide to the Yorkshire and the Humber Foundation School to help you rank your rotation programmes. Below is a snapshot of hospital ratings and reviews from the Messly community of doctors together with information about the geography of the region. Sign up to Messly to learn more – we’ve got over 40,000 junior doctor ratings for you to explore.




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Quick Reviews


  • Doing general surgical on-calls to broaden the experience in Surgery. There was a clinical support worker on site for Vascular, which provided immense help.
  • Can be very busy with admin. Patients with multiple comorbidities who can get sick very quickly. Juniors were often independent to look after these patients which can be daunting. Minimal teaching.
Top tips

Work as a team. Do not be afraid to escalate to seniors.

Foundation Year 1, Vascular Surgery – Northern General Hospital


  • Excellent support from seniors. Many long term patients so got to know them very well. A useful rotation for getting used to managing patients with end stage renal failure.
  • Night F2 has to do a daily phlebotomy round considering some patients have difficult access. It’s good to get your venepuncture and cannulation skills up though. Having to cover the Dialysis Unit.
Top tips

Go to clinic. Take opportunity to learn from seniors.

Foundation Year 1, Renal Medicine – Doncaster Royal Infirmary


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