Foundation Doctor’s Guide to West Midlands South

West Midlands South Foundation School spans Coventry, Worcester & Hereford. With only 159 posts available, it’s one of the smaller Foundation Schools.

Coventry University Hospital is the tertiary centre in the region, with 1,250 beds, specialising in many areas, from cardiothoracic surgery to being a major trauma centre, and is good for those wanting a greater variety of sub-specialty exposure and cutting-edge research. The other hospitals in the region are quieter district hospitals, with more of a community atmosphere.

For those keen on commuting from Birmingham (the nearest big city), it is about 30-45 minutes to Nuneaton, Coventry & Redditch, and slightly longer to Worcester. But these places have their own delights which you may miss out on by commuting.

Both Hereford & Worcester are cities full of Anglo-Saxon, Roman, Medieval and Tudor history, with cathedrals, museums and gorgeous buildings.

In terms of transport, the train network is superb and the area is also covered in motorways.


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Quick Reviews


  • If you have good SHO(s) the job is a doddle. Very little workload, opportunity to see surgery. The consultants are nice and responsive.
  • Without good SHO(s) you’re the only one there. So it becomes quite hard then.
Top tips

Depending on workload, use it to revise or see surgery in action.

Foundation Year 1, Urology – Warwick Hospital


  • Good experience of procedures. Great ward staff. Good therapy team. Interesting cases.
  • Little chance for theatre. Split ward. Low staff levels. Difficult consultants.
Top tips

Try to get to the theatre at night. Book study and annual leave early. Thick skin. Utilise practical skills opportunities.

Foundation Year 1, Neurosurgery – University Hospital (Coventry)



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