Foundation Doctor’s Guide to West Scotland

Glasgow is a bit more “rough and ready”- a bigger city, more student-friendly, with probably the best nightlife in Scotland.

Being the most populous region in Scotland, it contains the most tertiary hospitals. This includes the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, the major trauma centre in the region, which specialises in renal, transplant and vascular surgery, with a separate paediatric hospital. Glasgow Royal Infirmary, another tertiary centre, is the regional centre for gynaecology, cardiology and plastic surgery. And Gartnavel General Hospital, located in West of Glasgow, is a regional centre for oncology.

Scotland is one foundation school but split into 4 separate regions: East, North, South East & West. Most of the spots available are in West (around Glasgow) & South East (around Edinburgh).

Messly wants to help doctors make evidence-based decisions about their careers. We’ve put together a short guide to the West region of Scotland Foundation School to help you rank your rotation programmes. Below is a snapshot of hospital ratings and reviews from the Messly community of doctors together with information about the geography of the region. Sign up to Messly to learn more – we’ve got over 40,000 junior doctor ratings for you to explore.


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Quick Reviews


  • Plenty opportunities to get involved with research projects. Respectable workload and plenty senior involvement.
  • Heavily specialty dependent rota with regards to working pattern and weekends on.
Top tips

Be prepared to work out with your surgical team to aid overall junior doctor success and workload.

Foundation Year 2, General Surgery – Royal Alexandra Hospital


  • Welcoming team, very well supervised. Variety. Busy, but usually manageable.
  • Mainly a ward round clerk and jobs monkey, even at more senior levels. Inconsistent teaching, focus on service provision. Large hospital, very much treated as a number in a machine.
Top tips

Don’t be afraid to call the consultants on their mobiles if you need help

Foundation Year 1, Acute Internal Medicine – Queen Elizabeth University Hospital


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