Our Top Apps for Doctors in 2018

The inexorable rise of mobile apps and mHealth means there are now many medical apps out there designed to help doctors with their work. Through the power of smartphone technology we can have access reliable, up-to-date source of information at our fingertips. Harnessing these medical apps can have a real benefit in time-saving, clinical decision making and helping to make our jobs just that little bit easier.

We’ve scoured the App Stores to give you our top 10 selection of the best medical apps out there for doctors.


1. BNF & BNFC App

Once again an app that makes our list for 2018, this is a must have for all junior doctors and medical students, the BNF app provides a handy alternative to carrying the hefty BNF book around the wards.

The app provides is a one-stop shop for up-to-date practical information on prescribing, dispensing and administrating medicines and is accessible without an internet connection. It even has treatment summaries to help you know which drugs are needed and when.

Available free of charge and is free to use!


2. Induction

Easily the app that will save you the most time! We all know how frustrating it can be to finding the right bleep or extension of a hospital department or on-call doctors, and the amount of time wasted calling switchboard. The Induction App provides an up-to-date directory of hospitals extensions and bleep numbers across UK hospitals, cleverly crowd-sourced from doctors. Set your current hospital and dial out directly from the app. Additional useful information such as coffee locations are also available.


3. Figure 1

The Instagram for Doctors. Figure 1 is a medical app for sharing and viewing interesting medical images and cases. Images can be uploaded and shared, leveraging the power of a worldwide medical community to solve diagnostic queries or for the purpose of medical teaching and learning.


4. Medscape

Medscape is like the jack-of-all-trades. It’s one of our favourites. It’s got a clinical reference tool, to help you find information for a multitude of conditions, as well as a drug interaction checker – just to name a few. This app is best seen to be believed.

Oh, did we mention it’s free too?


5. Daily Rounds

An interesting one this one – Daily Rounds is a clinical case-based app to learn from and help those studying for exams like the USMLE, MRCP and more.

Clinical Cases are the best learning tools for doctors and medical students. Daily Rounds presents you clinical cases in a journal like manner. Not just rare and fanciful ones, but ones that help you learn and develop your abilities as a doctor.

As with most of the selection for this year, it’s free.



Is there any calculation/scoring tool this app doesn’t have? If so let us know because we think it’s fab. All the scoring tools you could want, as well as some interesting stuff about what that score actually means.

Helping you put these scores into practical use – it’s a great tool for any doctor on the ward! CURB-65? Done in a cinch.


7. Touch Surgery

Another award-winning and innovative medical app that allows surgeons to practice and rehearse operations before setting foot in the Operating Theatre using realistic 3D animations. The apps you to tap and swipe your way through all the steps of complex operations to practice surgery anytime, anywhere.

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