Which Foundation Schools make the most satisfied doctors?

Messly helps doctors make evidence-based decisions in their careers. For those of you applying to the Foundation Programme, we know that choosing a Deanery is often based on hearsay from older peers, or just plain guesswork. We’re trying to change that.

Medical students across the country have until February 14th to rank the 20 Foundation Schools in order of their preference. In this article we explore which foundation programmes made the happiest trainees in 2018, using data from the annual GMC survey. Read more about the application process here.



Wales is top in 2018

In some cases, the GMC have combined the survey results for several foundation schools into larger regions eg, Peninsula and Severn have been combined into South West, which makes it more difficult to analyse specific survey outcomes for those foundation programmes. Allowing for this, Wales and the South West of England came top in 2018, with Yorkshire and the Humber giving trainees the lowest satisfaction.


These ratings have held mostly true between 2017 and 2018, but you can have a look for yourself in the graph below.


Competition Ratios

There are factors other than trainee satisfaction to think about when choosing your rankings. Have a look at our article analysing the competition ratios for each Foundation School here. For 2018 the top 5 most competitive Programmes were:

  • North West London
  • North East and Central London
  • West Midlands Central
  • Oxford
  • North West of England

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